In 2007 Paul Stephens introduced a lightweight coupé called the Clubsport. Created from the ethos of ‘less is more’, the Clubsport was a very light formidable car capable of showing a clean pair of heels to more modern machinery on a twisty road or circuit.


A decade later in 2017, Paul Stephens launched the Series II Clubsport, again inspired by the road-going performance 911s, incorporating performance and styling elements from all eras to create a truly special car, built to order and individual to you.


The Clubsport took you back to an era where electronic aids to help you drive faster had not been considered necessary.

Instead, it has the traditional values of a true performance car featuring lightweight, communicative steering and chassis together with a healthy power-to-weight ratio in all variants to create a formidable road car.


Whilst performance is important, driver comfort is paramount and the Clubsport has been designed with long fast continental road trips in mind.

The interior is simple, light and airy, with supportive sports seats set low in the car so you can really feel the chassis beneath you.

The G50 gearbox with correctly spaced pedals for `heel and toe` allow fast easy gear changes, whilst the dials have been re-designed for clearer visibility through the perfectly placed Momo sports steering wheel.

The chassis is toned but compliant and features Bilstein sports dampers as standard or fully adjustable KW items for those who prefer to tweak the car further to their own personal preference.

Air conditioning and an electric sunroof were available as options.


In true lightweight tradition, the Clubsport was fitted with just two seats, allowing for ample storage of soft bags in the rear. A Touring Package was available as an option and features tilting seats, a rear storage box, and hand-stitched leather panels throughout for a simple but contemporary feel.


Our ethos at Paul Stephens is less means more, so in the lightest variation, we had the kerb weight down to 1,000KGs, allowing the Clubsport to be a serious performer, whichever power option you chose.

All models were fitted with a flat six air cooled engine ranging from the 240 with 240BHP through to a thumping 350BHP in the 350, guaranteed to keep your eyes wide open on your favourite road.

The new Clubsport Series II was designed to foster a deep emotional connection through its visual and raw tactile delights, meticulous engineering and exhilarating, visceral driving experience every time you got behind the wheel.




  • Available in coupé only, fitted with Paul Stephens lightweight bumpers, mirrors and engine cover.
  • Roof fitted with de-seamed panel including sunroof delete.
  • Option: Aluminium bonnet and aluminium doors.

Exterior Colour:

  • There are no limits! Your Clubsport is unique to you and can be painted in any colour you choose.


  • Front seats: ST style, trimmed in black leather with houndstooth inserts.
  • Rear seats: Optional.
  • Door panels: Finished in black leather with pepita door pockets, RS grab handles and webbed door pulls.
  • Seatbelts: Finished in the same material and colour as the door pulls.
  • Dashboard: Finished in black leather with contrasting stitching.
  • Headlining: Black.
  • Dials: Recalibrated to match the engine specification and increased top speed, RPM and speedo reversed for improved visibility and central RPM redline. Finished in black with white numerals and pointers. Converted to early style without switches and finished in satin black.
  • Steering Wheel: Momo dished 360mm, in black leather with red position marker.
  • Carpet: Black lightweight, bound in leather with drivers heel pad and foot rest trimmed in ribbed rubber.
  • Optional: A range of interior fabrics and colours available to personalise your Clubsport to you.

Wheels and Tyres:

  • Minilite.
  • Group 4 Campagnolo.
  • Option: Fifteen 52 Outlaw 001.
  • Yokohama AD08R tyres 205 / 50R16 front 225 / 50R16 rear.


  • Front and rear torsion bars with 22mm anti-roll bar front and 21mm roll bar rear, Bilstein Nurburgring sport dampers all round.
  • Option: KW3 fully adjustable dampers.


  • Rack and Pinion.

Braking System:

  • All models: Hydraulic dual circuit brake system with servo.
  • Clubsport 240 / 270: Ventilated discs (282.5mm front and 290mm rear with two piston callipers.
  • Clubsport 300 / 320 / 350: With 4 piston 986 Porsche callipers all round (optional on 240 / 270).


  • Length: 4200mm.
  • Width: 1652mm.
  • Wheelbase: 2272mm.

All Models:

  • Dry sump lubrication system with air-cooled fan and external front mounted oil cooler.

Ignition and Fueling:

  • Clubsport 240: Bosch DME engine management system with fuel injection.
  • Clubsport 270 / 300 / 320 / 350: PS individual throttle bodies (ITBs) with programable ECU.


  • Clubsport: 1,000Kgs.
  • With Touring Package: 1070Kgs.

Engine Options:

  • Clubsport 240: 3.2 Litre 240BHP.
  • Clubsport 270: 3.2 Litre 270BHP.
  • Clubsport 300: 3.4 Litre 300BHP.
  • Clubsport 320: 3.6 Litre 320BHP.
  • Clubsport 350: 3.8 Litre 350BHP.


  • Clubsport 240: 0-60mph 5 .5 seconds, top speed 160mph.
  • Clubsport 270: 0-60mph 5.2 seconds, top speed 165mph.
  • Clubsport 300: 0-60mph 4.9 seconds, top speed 170mph.
  • Clubsport 320: 0-60mph 4.5 seconds, top speed 175mph.
  • Clubsport 350: 0-60mph 3.9 seconds, top speed 180mph.


  • All models: Getrag G50 5 speed with hydraulic clutch.
  • Clubsport 300 / 320 / 350: Limited slip differential as standard (optional on 240/270).

Sourcing an Icon

Not just any old 911 has the potential to be an Autoart Classic. We source donor cars from all over the world. We have decades of experience in the industry and know how to spot a potential candidate. When we source a car, you know it’s going to be correct, structurally sound, and ready for restoration. On completion, the vehicle retains its VIN Number and is legally registered, operated and licensed in the same manner.